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One Thimble Issue 22 Blog Tour – Beep Beep Raglan Sweatshirt hack

I have enjoyed One Thimble ever since I helped test the Call Ajaire Raglan Party Dress pattern way back when my youngest was tiny. I revel in the anticipation of the upcoming issue, the reveal of the patterns and the engaging articles. All of this means I am very happy to join the blog tour team for issue 22.

Mr Bombles was very grumpy that my last sew was not for him, so when I saw I saw the options I knew that I needed to sew him a Made by Jacks Mum Beep Beep Raglan. I’ve loved those side panels and pockets since the pattern first released and you can’t beat a good hack so the Beep Beep cardigan was just the thing for us.

Never were fabrics made to go better together than this ribbing I grabbed from the knitting and stitching show, and the mountains and campsites from Dark Violet Prints

As per the hack instructions we sized up for extra growing room, sewing a size 10 when he really measures an 8 for width and a 10 for length – but the speed he is growing its just as well.

Those pockets in the side stripe are perfect for treasure or just when you need to look cool – we pattern matched for ‘secret pockets’ but contrast fabric would be just as fun.

The side stripe is a great way to make your favourite fabric go further…. those mountains were bought for me! But now we can both have a share in the pretties.

All of our clothes are thoroughly put through their paces and this cardigan was no exception. 10 out of 10 for comfort and playability – no surprise for a MBJM pattern.

This hack is a good one if you have never hacked before (hacking is an alteration to the construction of an existing pattern). The full instructions are in One Thimble, easy to follow and its a great excuse to have a play with your fabrics and your snaps. I am a bit of a stash builder so when it came to browsing my supplies for the right colour snaps I was spoilt for choice…. and did the only thing a person can do… choose them all….

The Beep Beep hack is 100% boy approved, and he is already eyeing up fabric options for the next one.

And with a Beep Beep hack under our belts I am eyeing up which of the other patterns to sew next… if it weren’t coming into winter then definitely the Oceaan Shorts from the Eli Monster, but maybe Mr Bombles will strike it lucky and I will sew him a pair of Everest Pants from Gracious Threads instead.

Grab your copy of the latest issue of One Thimble, or check out some of the awesome back issues and single patterns you can buy. If you have never One Thimbled before then I recommend it.

To see some of the other inspiring makes from the rest of the Blog tour and for a chance to win a copy enter a competition get clicking….

For your chance to win a copy of the new One Thimble Issue 22 – Summer 2019 please enter the rafflecopter prize draw here.Open until 12am Wednesday November 20th AEST

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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17 thoughts on “One Thimble Issue 22 Blog Tour – Beep Beep Raglan Sweatshirt hack

  1. Looks like a great hack!


    1. Great post – my 7 yo will love this so much and luckily I have the beep beep!


      1. Brilliant. It’s very boy friendly. Thank you x


  2. Love your post, your boy looks so happy!


    1. Thank you, never happier than when he is messing around in the woods!


  3. I love this hack! I’ve been eyeing the beep beep raglan pattern so now I just have to get that one too…


  4. Lovely hack to make this cardigan!


  5. incompletestitches 24th Nov 2019 — 5:10 pm

    Oh wow! I just found this through your Instagram! I wrote the hack tutorial for One Thimble so I’m chuffed to see someone else sew it up!! You even sized up for growing room! Whoop!! xx


    1. I love it and your makes on insta too


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