Keep calm and carry on

So the final week of the season on Project Run and Play is always signature style. A great opportunity to showcase yourself, but you could sew anything… so what to choose?

I browsed my pattern lists and pinterest boards for inspiration. Lurking in pinterest was a reverse applique cushion, now reverse applique is something ive been to try for an age… so the idea started to form.

Two layers of stitching then cutting. I love the denim and linen textures together.

A reverse applique union jack! Mr bombles needed a new quilted wind breaker and his favourite colour us red. But I had no red fabric…. but I did have Minerva Crafts generous contest support in the form of a voucher. Whilst browsing the reds I stumbled across the most awesome reversible denim. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was perfect for a Twig and Tale pathfinder (hacked to be quilted, have zip and collar) and to mix and match for complementary outfits. The Patriotic theme also gave me the perfect excuse to buy a some Day Tripper. Beautiful organic jersey from Second Star which made the softest most beautiful lining.

If you are using denim, then you kind of have to try jeans, and I already owned one of PR&Ps fab patterns the Super Tough jeans. The two colour denim was perfect for turn ups, and that also means they will fit through at least one growth spurt! I added a Hong Kong finish at the bottoms and the red, white and blue theme was born.

The super tough pattern has topstitch knee patches and pocket details, what better place to carry on the flag theme. It turns out my machine hates topstitch thread so I hand stitched them.

I used the contrast side for pocket facings and belt loops, and union jack cotton for the pocket bags. I’m very pleased to have managed a respectable fly too. No small feat when you choose contrast threads as there is nowhere to hide!

For a long sleeved tee I used the Rowan from Titchy threads, sized up, and added extra stripes in the arm. I substituted all the cuff and bands for a triple layer of jersey using the raw curled edges for an interesting effect.

And so his outfit was complete, crisp, satisfying and cohesive. So what to sew Miss Mookin?

Her outfit started with the t-shirt. I liked the button tab of the banana boat tee in the PR&P shop, but I’m trying not to buy new patterns so I decided to add faux button tabs to another PR&P pattern I already owned from testing.. the Easy Street. I planned on a red, white and blue Tie dye heart as per a tutorial from Melanie Brummer of the Upcycle Cloth Collective… but as you can see it didnt quite go to plan….

Fun though the rainbow heart is I needed to think again and so I sponged fabric paint onto wax resist spotting to try for a batik effect, I wouldn’t say I’m totally sold on it, but Miss Mookin was, and that’s what matters.

So I added those tabs and a couple of union jack buttons and the tee was good to go.

For her trousers I used Peach Patterns Happy pants. It’s a favourite of ours. For this one I changed up the pocket shape and added turn ups with more binding, but used the denim red side out and hacked it to include button hole elastic for an adjustable waist.

Finally her jacket. I have to include an upcycle and this time it was more denim. Half a dozen pairs of pre loved jeans no less. Cut up and patched together. I draped using a sheet for a muslin to create a flared jacket… not easy on a wriggly four year old, then with a bit of help from some great tutorials and videos on I drafted my first sleeves.

High collar, narrow sleeves flaring at the wrist and a twirly jacket all came together. I saved a leather patch from one pair of trousers for a further flag detail.

Lined with more union Jack fabric and buttons to match, her outfit and my sewing for season 22 is complete.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with, whether sewing along or a designer. They are all unique and amazing.

Germs meant we took a raincheck on modelled pictures for now but I’m pleased nonetheless with my signature sew.

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